Scheduled Cruises

Full steam ahead! – Enjoy carefree moments on board

Experience an incomparable landscape on our scheduled trips between Seußlitz and Saxon Switzerland, which, in addition to vineyards and sandstone mountains, also has a lot of history in store for you.

Marvel at Dresden’s imposing baroque buildings and romantic Elbe meadows from on board all year round, or sail along Dresden’s famous Elbe castles to the magnificent Pillnitz Palace Park on our palace cruise. Explore the picturesque sandstone mountains on a tour to Saxon Switzerland and get an overview of the beautiful Elbe Valley or relax on a drive along the “Saxon Wine Route” with its unique landscape.

L72 – River Sightseeing Cruise

The perfect family adventure! On this trip from Dresden’s Terrassenufer to the “Blue Wonder” in Blasewitz, you will experience the impressive view of the historic Old Town and the Elbe castles, among others.

L61 – Palace Tour

Experience breathtaking views of the historic Elbe castles and discover famous sights on your tour from the Terrassenufer in Dresden to Pillnitz Palace.

L80 – Castles tour with the winter steamer

Experience breathtaking winter views of the historic Elbe castles and famous landmarks on your tour from Terrassenufer to Pillnitz Palace.

L12 – Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland offers a unique landscape with its diverse sandstone formations. Whether you are traveling as a family, with friends or as a couple; you will have an unforgettable time.

L31 – Elbe Valley Cruise

Immerse yourself in the fascinating Elbe Valley on a tour from Pillnitz to Bad Schandau. You start in Pirna and travel upriver to the spa town of Bad Schandau before heading downriver back to Pillnitz.

L34 – Great Elbe Valley Tour

Explore the Elbe Valley from Pirna to Bad Schandau and on to Dresden. On this tour you will see impressive rock formations, the silhouette of Dresden and Pillnitz Castle. Enjoy a picturesque view.

L21 – Saxonia Wine Tour

Experience the unique landscape along the “Saxon Wine Route” on a steamboat trip from Dresden to Seußlitz and let yourself be enchanted by cities such as Meißen and Radebeul during an excursion.

L32 – National Park Tour

This tour leads through the tranquil little towns of Stadt Wehlen and Kurort Rathen to Pillnitz Castle. Leave everyday life behind and relax to the rhythmic beating of the paddle wheels.

L61 – Evening Palace Tour

Experience the romantic flair of Dresden during our evening trip enchanting Pillnitz Palace. Downstream you will enjoy the magical evening atmosphere on the Elbe before we moor again on the terrace bank.

L51 – Bridges of Dresden Cruise

On this trip you will get to see almost all of Dresden’s bridges and enjoy a great extended city tour with impressive views. You cannot experience Dresden and its bridges more intensively!

L33 – Schrammstein Cruise

Experience an unforgettable ride through the breathtaking rock formations of the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

L52 – Canaletto Cruise

Explore the beauty of Dresden on a scenic 1-hour steamboat ride. Enjoy a breathtaking and unmistakable view of the historic Old Town – the Canaletto View.

L40 – Bohemia Cruise

The trip leads from Königstein along the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Cross the German-Czech border with us and explore the city of Děčín.

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