You ask – We answer

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our shipping, services and offers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help you!


From when can I board a ship?

The boarding from the starting point of the trip is 15-20 minutes before the departure of the ship.
For a smooth operation at the stops along the route, we ask our passengers to first disembark at the stop and then board the train.

What do the different colors on the sailing schedule mean?

For the 2023 season we always want to offer you cruises. Due to various dependencies, we have developed three schedules, which are adapted to the different Elbe levels. The sailing schedule are color-coded similar to a traffic light system and are used automatically.

Green” sailing schedule: normal Elbe level → complete range of cruises

“Yellow” sailing schedule: 74 – 60 cm → limited cruise availability

“Orange” sailing schedule: 59 – 50 cm → severely limited cruise availability

Which ship is in operation?

The current ship deployment schedule can be found here.

The Weiße Flotte GmbH reserves the right to make changes to the deployment of the ship.

In our timetable, the lines that are served by a paddle steamer according to schedule are marked by a paddle steamer symbol.


Do I have to book my tickets before I travel?

To make boarding as pleasant as possible for all guests and to avoid waiting times, we recommend that you purchase your tickets before starting your journey. This can be done conveniently online at www.saechsische-dampfschifffahrt.de or at one of our digital steles along the route. Alternatively, you can also use our service centers at Terrassenufer or Georg-Treu-Platz.

We would also like to point out that certain trips have limited seating capacity. You can secure your seats by booking your tickets early.

Where can I buy tickets for a cruise?

Tickets you get

  • according to the opening hours at our service stations in Dresden (Terrassenufer and Georg-Treu-Platz)
  • or online via our ticket system
  • directly on board (except when starting in Dresden)

Vouchers can be purchased online or through the service center.

Will a seat be reserved for me when I purchase or book tickets?

Extract from the GTC – I. §2 3.
“The purchase of the ticket entitles the holder to be seated in accordance with the agreed scope. There is no obligation to allocate a specific seat in the indoor or outdoor area. A seat reservation is only possible in the indoor area and requires the use of our gastronomic services per person / ticket.”

You will be placed on the following cruises:

  • Dine-Out Cruise
  • Revue & Menue – Captain Nemo
  • Lunch- and Coffeecruises
  • Classic & Menu
  • ABC Café Cruise
  • Winter lights
  • Winter Lights
  • Christstollen Cruise
  • Glitter, Glamour & Indulgence – New Year’s Eve Ship
  • Autumn evening on board
  • Summernight-Cruises


Do I receive a discount as a person with a disability or my accompanying person?

People with disabilities pay the fare according to the valid tariff table.
Accompanying persons of people with disabilities receive free rides on scheduled trips upon presentation of the disabled person’s ID card with the note B.


Where can I find a parking space in Dresden at the Terrassenufer?

Public, paid parking is available under the Carolabrücke or in the underground garages Frauenkirche and Q-Park Neumarkt as well as Semperoper.

A current overview of the parking spaces in the “inner old town” can be found here.

Carry along

Can I take a dog on board?

Excerpt from the GTC I. §3 5.
“Dogs may be carried and must be supervised at all times. There is a leash obligation. For dangerous dogs in the sense of the GefHundG (“Law for the Protection of the Population against Dangerous Dogs”) muzzling is compulsory.
If the passenger violates the provisions of this paragraph, he may be immediately prohibited from further transportation. Other animals are excluded from carriage.”

Will I be transported on the ships with a bicycle, a stroller or a wheelchair?

Extract from the GTC – I. §3 3.
“Strollers and wheelchairs for the sick may be taken free of charge, provided appropriate accommodations are available.

With regard to accommodation, appropriate space assignments may be made as determined by the ship’s crew. The carriage of a baby carriage and / or wheelchairs for the sick must be notified accordingly prior to carriage. There is no right to carry other items, especially vehicles or rowing as well as paddle boats. “

Carriage of bicycles is possible only with a valid ticket and costs 3€.


Until when can I cancel booked tickets free of charge?

Excerpt from the GTC I. §5 1. & 2.
“Regardless of the following provisions, the customer has the right to return a maximum of 10 tickets free of charge up to 24 hours before the day of travel. This is done by submitting the original tickets and the copy of the payment receipt. Special cancellation deadlines apply to the Fleet Parade and Glitter, Glamour & Indulgence on the New Year’s Eve Ship: the customer has the right to return a maximum of 10 tickets free of charge up to 30 calendar days before the day of travel. A complete cancellation is possible up to 2 months before the ride.”


Where can I purchase vouchers for a cruise?

You can purchase value vouchers for an amount of your choice at all service stations, in the service center and in our online store.