Culture & Technology

Experience industrial history up close and get a behind-the-scenes look at steamboat shipping. Explore the beauty of the landscapes and sights along the Elbe from a new perspective and be inspired by our varied entertainment program.

Enjoy a quirky revue, experience classic tunes on board or take part in an exciting thriller dinner. Enjoy culture in a unique location.

Revue & Menu – Captain Nemo

Come aboard and enjoy a delicious 3-course meal during an evening cruise to the quirky revue at the historic shipyard in Laubegast.

Elbe Island Thriller

Inspired by a true crime case from Dresden, this perfectly staged thriller listening experience takes you to the scene of the crime: the Pillnitz Elbe Island. Commissioner Brugger lets them look into the depths of the police investigation on board.

Locks and Weirs Cruise

Relax on a day tour through the impressive Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland with its imposing rock formations. Experience the lock in Hrad Střekov up close.

Christmas Garden Dresden Lights Tour

Come aboard for a wintry trip to Christmas Garden Dresden and marvel at the illuminated Pillnitz Palace Park.

Shipyard Tour

You and your colleagues are looking for a way out that doesn’t exist and you are forced to surrender to your fate and let things take their unexpected course. Take a steamboat to the shipyard in Laubegast. Learn there, on a guided tour all sorts of historical.

Classic & Menu

A piano trio of the DRESDNER RESIDENZ ORCHESTER presents light classical music. In addition, you will enjoy an exquisite 3-course menu on a three-hour cruise along the evening Elbe.

Santa Claus Cruise

Santa Claus is coming! Enjoy the ride with coffee and Stollen, while Santa Claus distributes small surprises to the children.

Dresden Ports Tour

Discover the history and importance of Dresden’s ports on our port tour. Learn everything you need to know about ships and the ports from our experienced host.

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