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Learn a lot about equipment, special features, history and technical details of our ships. With nine historic paddle steamers, the WEIßE FLOTTE SACHSEN has the oldest and largest fleet of paddle steamers in the world. The fleet is completed by modern ships, with the two salon ships “August der Starke” and “Gräfin Cosel”. Elegant salons with panoramic views and comfortable furnishings, as well as the generous flair on board, make a trip on a modern salon ship an unforgettable experience.

Paddle steamer “Dresden”

The flagship of the fleet skillfully leads parades and is also the star of the trip to Hamburg. However, its crew also rides with him in normal line and event operations.

Paddle steamer “Leipzig”

Explore the Elbe valley with the youngest and also largest paddle steamer.

Paddle steamer „Diesbar“

The last vessel of its kind… The Diesbar is the only coal-fired steamer still in service. This makes it particularly interesting for its passengers.

Paddle steamer “Stadt Wehlen”

Our oldest steamer is still fit as ever. Spend with him beautiful hours together on the water.

Paddle steamer „Meissen“

The sister ship of the PD “Pillnitz” was built as early as 1885, as larger ships were needed for an increased volume of traffic. Today he drives just like he used to and takes you with him on his travels.

Paddle steamer „Pillnitz“

The PD “Pillnitz” takes you on unique trips and always brings you safely back to the home port.

Paddle steamer „Pirna“

The steamer “König Albert” was in service for exactly 21 years and 7 days. To be exact, it is still in operation today. In 1919 it was renamed PD “Pirna”.

Paddle steamer „Kurort Rathen“

The “Kurort Rathen” has been sailing up and down the Elbe since 1896. Nowadays it is one of 9 paddle wheel steamers operating in regular and event service.

Paddle steamer „Krippen“

Since 2000, the PD “Krippen” has been back in its home country, sailing on familiar waters. The salon ship takes its passengers on unique journeys.

Motor vessel “August der Starke”

The motor vessel “August der Starke” and its sister ship “Gräfin Cosel” enable large event trips even in winter at a comfortable temperature.

Motor vessel „Gräfin Cosel“

Together with her sister ship “August des Starken”, the “Gräfin Cosel” is the youngest ship in the fleet. With them, you can pleasantly enjoy even the cold winter months.

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