You can obtain tickets according to our business hours at our service stations Meißen, Dresden-Terrassenufer, Pillnitz, Pirna
or online via our ticket system.

You can also obtain tickets directly on board at all stations.

Vouchers can be purchased online or via the service centre. A selection of souvenirs is available on the ships.

“The purchase of the ticket entitles the holder to be taken along in accordance with the agreed scope. There is no obligation to allocate a specific seat in the indoor or outdoor area. A seat reservation is only possible in the indoor area and requires the use of our gastronomic services per person / ticket.”

For event cruises with gastronomic services, you will be seated on board.

“Pushchairs and wheelchairs for the sick may be taken along free of charge, provided that appropriate accommodation is available. As far as accommodation is concerned, space can be
the ship’s personnel may be allocated to the appropriate places. The carriage of prams and / or wheelchairs must be notified accordingly prior to carriage. There is no entitlement to the carriage of other objects, in particular vehicles or rowing or canoeing boats. ”

The carriage of bicycles is only possible with a valid ticket and costs 3€.

Disabled persons pay their fare according to the valid tariff table. Escorts of
disabled persons are carried free of charge on regular trips on presentation of the disabled permit B.

“Irrespective of the following provisions, the customer has the right to return a maximum of 10 tickets free of charge up to 24 hours before the day of travel. This is done by submitting the original tickets and a copy of the payment receipt. Special cancellation periods apply to the Fleet Parade and Glitter, Glamour & Indulgence on the New Year’s Eve Ship: the customer has the right to return a maximum of 10 tickets free of charge up to 30 calendar days before the day of travel. A complete cancellation is possible up to 2 months before the start of the journey.”

Public, pay-and-display parking is available under the Carolabrücke bridge or in the Frauenkirche and Q-Park Neumarkt and Semperoper underground car parks.

You can find an up-to-date overview of the parking spaces in the “inner Old Town” here.

In our timetable, you will find the trips where our steamers are in operation marked with a paddle-steamer symbol. You can find the planned ship schedule here.
The Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt reserves the right to make any changes in
scheduled ship operation.

Of course; they are to be kept on a short leash, and dogs of certain breeds (listed)
must wear a muzzle. Carriage is free of charge.

Boarding at point of departure is 15-20 minutes before the ship departs. For the
smooth boarding and disembarkment at each station, passengers are requested
to allow disembarking passengers alight before boarding the ship.

You can purchase vouchers for an amount of your choice at all service stations, in the Service Centre and in our online shop.