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WFS Ahoi – your travel guide on our tours. In our new APP – WFS Ahoi you can find out all about famous landmarks, monuments and buildings along the route during our tours. Decide for yourself whether you want to read about them or prefer to learn about them via the audio guide. Let...


Captain Nemo -20.000 notes under the sea-

Captain Nemo and his submarine “Nautilus” are finally returning to where they belong: the locksmith’s hall of the Laubegast shipyard. And when the “Serkowitzer Volksoper” takes on Jules Verne’s legendary novel character, you can be sure that many a surprise...


Check out our new fleet cards.

Our fleet cards 50 and 100 are not only a suitable gift for regular guests and frequent travelers, but also for all lovers of the “Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt”.   Fleet card 100 100% on your personal cruise-ticket I 50% on personal gastronomic services for an adult –...


Hygiene concept

Most frequently asked questions & information You would like to get to know which hygiene regulations apply to our guests? In the following text you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and get information about our Covid-19 restrictions. Have a wonderful time aboard...