Overview fares

Our fares are based on route sections of the Elbe as can be seen in the picture above.

short trip (up to 20 min) – 7,50 € adults – 5,00 € children (6-14), schoolchildren and students (verification required)

1 fare zone– 11,00 € adults – 7,00 € children (6-14), schoolchildren and students (verification required)

2 fare zones – 16,50 € adults – 11,00 € children (6-14), schoolchildren and students (verification required)

from 3 fare zones – 22,00 € adults – 14,00 € children (6-14), schoolchildren and students (verification required)

Return (in connection with journey)- 5,00 € adults – 3,00 € children (6-14), schoolchildren and students (verification required)

Weekly ticket

Enjoy 7 days with our regular services. When buying this type of ticket a specification of the first date using the regular services is necessary. The ticket is not personalized.

  • 50,00 € – adults
  • 35,00 € – children (6-14), schoolchildren and students (verification required)

Free of charge

  • children under 6 years of age
  • one escort for a seriously disabled person (with Class “B” ID)

Combined products are excluded for anyone on their birthday.

On International Children´s Day (1st June) school classes and groups are asked to provide prior notice.

“TALL & small”

Children, if accompanied by a full-paying adult, can enjoy any regular trip free of charge.

Group Discounts

11-39 paying adults 5% / from 40 paying adults 10%
On regularly scheduled and special event tours as well an on uniform meals booked in advance, except for Parade Tours, Locks and Weir Cruise and Glitter, Glamour & Fun in New Year´s Eve Cruise.


3,00 € per bike

The decision as to whether bicycles can be taken is the responsibility of the ship’s staff on site.
With regard to accommodation, space can be allocated according to the requirements of the ship’s personnel.


You want to give a voucher as a present, while allowing the recipient enough flexibility for their own wishes? Then you will definitely hit the mark with our vouchers!

  • Whether voucher
  • or experience tours

you will find the most suitable voucher with us!

Annual tickets

For our passengers, who travel on our tours several times a year, we offer various annual ticket models:

  • whether individual (Annual Ticket 100)
  • for pairs (Annual Ticket 100+1)
  • for children (discounted Annual Ticket)

you will find the right ticket for everyone with us!