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Discover the fascinating beauty of Dresden on our palace tour, which starts from the Terrassenufer in the historic Old Town and takes you to Pillnitz Palace. As soon as you leave the old town, you will be able to see the three magnificent historic Elbe castles – Albrechtsberg Castle, Lingnerschloss Castle and Eckberg Castle – from afar.

During your river cruise, you will pass well-known landmarks such as the Loschwitz Bridge, affectionately known by Dresdeners as the “Blue Wonder”, the imposing television tower and the charming “Maria am Wasser” boatmen’s church. Then we approach the fourth and probably best-known palace, Pillnitz Palace.

During a 2- or 4-hour stay, you have the opportunity to discover the castle complex, which is considered one of the most important Chinese complexes in the whole of Europe. In the past, the palace was the summer residence of the Saxon electors and kings, including Elector Augustus the Strong. A visit to this extraordinary place is always worthwhile. The surrounding park offers a magnificent landscape, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Orangery and picturesque palaces – a must for every visitor! After your exploration tour, you have the opportunity to indulge in culinary delights at the Pillnitzer Elbblick restaurant and enjoy the view of the Elbe.


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