Hygiene concept

Hygiene concept

Most frequently asked questions & information

You would like to get to know which hygiene regulations apply to our guests? In the following text you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and get information about our Covid-19 restrictions.

Have a wonderful time aboard our ships. – AHOI!

Vaccinated / recovered

  • Please have the information about your status ready when boarding. The following will be checked by the ship’s crew:
    • * Vaccination certificate (vaccination card or app)
    • * Proof of recovery
  • Children from 6 years: the regular tests that are carried out in community facilities (school, daycare, etc.) will apply here. Please have your student ID card ready as proof. The 24 hour rule is excluded for children.
  • Cover your mouth and nose: Please wear mouth and nose protection when getting on and off board as well as during your cruise on board. You can only remove your mask when on your seat.
  • We recommend purchasing online tickets in advance.
  • Keep distance to each other and take care of each other.
  • Enjoy parties again … That means for you, no masks on board during a party cruise. This includes all of our party formats such as the DeMo party and the Schlager party. This only is possible if the 2G rule is observed. Please show your “recovery” or vaccination certificate upon boarding.

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